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New song from the third album is available now


Sakay and his musicians


Sakay and his musicians


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Sakay and his musicians

Saint-Michel des Saints

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Festival Manawan


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National Day Symphony


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Indigenous National Day


Musical performances by indigenous artists

At Jardin Botanique of Montréal

Saturdays, October 16 and 30 2021


Launch of the video clip Kita iti miroparin.



Launch of the video clip Kita iti miroparin.


Musical performance

Launch of the video clip Kita iti miroparin.


Festival Manawan

July 7th 2021

Video clip

Launch of the video clip Kita iti miroparin.


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Show live

20 may 2020 :

Musique Nomade...


On sale in Manawan and on order.

Sale on the web

The album Ni wi witen is now available on ITunes.


For more than 20 years, Sakay Ottawa (pronounced Sagui) has been an Aboriginal songwriter and performer. Sakay is an Atikamekw, one of the ten First Nations in Quebec, And a native of Manawan in the Lanaudière region. He still lives there with his family.

Sakay holds a bachelor degree in preschool and elementary education from the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi (UQAC) and is currently director of Otapi general high school in his community, following a sucessfull career as a teacher and assitant to the director.  For one year Sakay also held the position of Director of Educational, Linguistic Cultural Services at the Council of the Atikamekw Nation in La Tuque in 2008). He is actively involved in his community, especially with young people, giving them hope and pride they are looking for.

Married with four children, Sakay's family the preservation of his Native culture and Atikamekw language are at the heart of his world. He also served as an advisor to the Atikamekw Council of Manawan for four years, which has led him to become more involved with his people. Sakay aspires to make his nation and culture known throughout Quebec and Canada to build bridges between the old and the new world.

Artistic path

Sakay composed his first songs as a teenager. His songs in Atikamekw language plunge us into a world of humanity and spirituality where nature, men and traditions are one. The human connection between peoples is at the root of his work. It's through his music that he tells us his story and his personal journey over the past 20 years.

Sakay recorded his first music album in July 2006. He favors folk-rock style like his idol, Florent Vollant, for whom he has the greatest respect. He did some shows with him. An accomplished artist, his compositions are chosen by the theatrical world, the field of fine arts as well as documentary cinema. He also participated in some TV recordings.

Recipient of an artistic competition in 2000 at UQAC and in 2007 at the "Grands Prix Desjardins de la Culture de Lanaudière" event, Sakay also distinguished himself in 2008 as a guest artist at the closing show of the annual conference of Amnesty International on Aboriginal Rights and the 400th anniversary of Quebec City. In 2007, guest speaker by the Department of Sociology of CÉGEP Joliette, he produced and directed a show in Trois-Rivières at the Maquisart bringing together several Aboriginal artists. In 2011, in collaboration with Wapikoni Mobile, he directed two short films, including "Aci ni micta cikateriten - ", which won three prizes.  This short film was also nominated at the International Film Festival of Toronto. He launched his second album on November 26, 2016. Since 2007, Sakay has to his credit more than a hundred shows.

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