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The excerpt page from Sakay Ottawa's second album, Ni wi witen. With a bonus on the player: Mikwetc

Release date: November 26, 2016

Produced by Sakay Ottawa

Co-directed by Sakay Ottawa, Pascal Ottawa and Pierre Rémillard

Mixed by Pierre Rémillard (and mastering)

Recorded at WildStudio

Photos by Tanyssa Ottawa.

Musicians and voices:

Sakay Ottawa, Pascal Ottawa, Shayne Petiquay, Patrick Boivin, Bastien Flamand, Louis Philippe Boivin, Justin Lambert Niquay, Gaston Moar, Gilles Sioui, Daniel Gaudreault, Reginald Echaquan, Kyra Shaughnessy, Alain Gignac and Lyne Lamontagne.

With the participation of Blackbears: Jim Vincent Ottawa, Kent Néquado, Laval Jr Ottawa, Devan Moar, Kathleen Quitich, Annabelle Quitich and Tceny Nequado-Moar.

Extract from the text of the second album:


"It's been 10 years now since my first album (2006), there are moments in 10 years, in recent years, I've traveled, I've experienced great moments and life's hardships who have allowed me to grow on this sacred land, it is my pleasure to share with you these songs that are for me all special Kitci mikwetc Kice Manito to allow me to continue to stay strong and continue to live in the harmony with mine. "

If you want to buy the album, it is available at the Tradition market in Manawan.

With a bonus in the download

Ekote ota

The first Sakay Ottawa Ekote ota album was released in 2006.

The bonus includes an image with an atikamekw poem.

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